Hotel near Mirabilandia: the theme park where kids’ dreams turn into pure fun, and all for free!

When you stay for at least six nights, you have FREE tickets to Mirabilandia and Mirabeach: a super convenient holiday with lots of guaranteed fun!

We have decided to double down on the advantages: not only are KIDS FREE up to the age of 18, at  Club Family Hotel Michelangelo in Milano Marittima, if you stay for at least six nights, we’ll give you free tickets to Mirabilandia. This theme park is also quite close to the hotel, being exactly 11.6 km away, which means that all it takes is a 14-minute car trip to see your kids’ faces light up with record-beating smiles.

Given that we know well that it is hard work and tiring to spend a whole day in a theme park covering 285,000 sqm, which is practically the largest in Romagna, we have decided to help you find the attractions, rides and playgrounds that best suit the ages of your kids, and to organise the shortest routes so that you and your family don’t miss anything out of the endless fun that this huge park is able to give kids and adults too.

If you think your kids are too small or you think the rides and attractions are not suitable for them, you should know that Mirabilandia has a whole world dedicated to younger kids, with attractions and areas created just for them, and where you too will have fun as well as enjoying their explosions of pure joy.

The Bimboland theme area is especially created for little ones, with lots of games and rides just for them; a place where magic reigns supreme, but always in complete safety. This is where the different attractions are genuinely unique, like the two-level Carousel, a ride with horses that will also take you back to your childhood, or the Casa Matta, a house that speaks and moves, just as kids would imagine it doing. There are also areas to lose yourselves in, such as Fantasyland, an intricate group of routes inside a fortress, or Ottoland, the brightly coloured playground just waiting to be explored. But Bimboland is where you can also travel and fly in complete safety: Santa Fè express, the little train that will take you through the whole area; Leprotto Express, Europe’s first roller coaster for children under 3, which takes them to a magic garden, and of course, the Mini Flume for watery fun.

Are your kids prehistory enthusiasts who would love to see life-sized dinosaurs? Make their dreams come true in the theme area dedicated to dinosaurs in Italy: Dinoland, 12,000 sqm, where you can travel through time to discover the tyrannosaurus and velociraptor. Here, children can admire 54 faithful reproductions of dinosaurs, but they can also have fun on the other attractions: Rexplorer, Brontocars, Raptotana, Reptilium and Bicisauro and Monosauro. All rides where the fun will take your family back millions of years!

But no fear if your kids are not so small and they need a greater adrenaline rush or rather, lots of fear and even more fun! Because Mirabilandia is packed with attractions that will take your breath away. Adventureland is in fact an area dedicated to those whose idea of fun involves scary thrills. Here you will find: Katun, Europe’s no.1 inverted coaster, which needs no introduction; Master Thai, Italy’s first duelling roller coaster for those who prefer the fascination of Thailand to the Mayan city of Katun when it comes to pure adrenaline rushes. And last, but definitely not least in terms of fun, Rio Bravo, where you can feel the rush of a breathtaking whitewater rapids ride through the rocks of a genuine wild canyon.

But that isn’t all…For lovers of fantasy and adventure, and especially if you dreamed of the Wild West and of challenging Apache chiefs, or of the great American Routes on board a fast car, or an Escape from New York in great style... Well, now these dreams can come true. Route 66  and Far West Valley are theme areas where you can re-live all your childhood dreams, enjoying the thrill of the Mirabilandia’s most fun and exciting rides. Even your teens will see you through new eyes.

And for all the family and lovers of roaring engines and motorbikes, since 2019 Mirabilandia has also had Ducati World: 35,000 sqm entirely dedicated to Italy’s most famous brand, where next-generation simulators let you experience the genuine thrill of a Moto GP.

Mirabilandia awaits you and at Club Family Hotel Michelangelo we can’t wait to share this fantastic experience with you and your family, which is why we are so happy to offer you this opportunity...

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