Playstation 5

We could have chosen any console for the fun of the eldest, but you know, we are only satisfied with the best. So Club Family Hotel welcomes the world of Playstation: only in our hotel you will find a corner dedicated to our teen-agers where they can challenge themselves with the best games of the moment with the Playstation 5 brand.

Are you ready to try the world's best-selling next-gen console in a mythical family challenge?! We look forward to seeing you!

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Virtual Reality

If the new feature for summer 2021 was the gaming console that kids loved best, then in 2022 we had to try harder! That's why our multimedia games area now has a new fun idea to make your kids’ fun even better, and one that is even more in line with the times: virtual reality!

Your teens can use our virtual reality visors to experience immersive games, full of thrills! Imagine their joy when they can challenge their holiday friends, the entertainment staff and - why not - even you, at the many videogames available.

Fun is a serious matter, and that’s why we make sure it never stops!

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