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  • Nutella - which  can make every moment sweeter, which can turn a simple slice of bread into a delightful treat, and which can certainly enrich a holiday at the CFHs with sweetness at breakfast and snack times, and whenever it is time for something tasty. 
  • Fileni - the white meat for our main courses, supplied by this company, comes only from organic and sustainable farming, so the taste and quality of the food is truly eco-friendly. 🍔
  • Plasmon - baby food is very important, as children are very special guests to us; that is why their baby food is supplied by the world's leading baby food company. 🥣
  • Gran Cotto Negroni - a slowly steamed ham cut into thin slices to give the simplest of sandwiches a unique taste with the guarantee of Negroni, a brand known for several generations.
  • Orogel - 🥦 the freshly harvested frozen vegetables that this renowned company supplies us with are synonymous with quality, allowing us to make each menu varied and colourful. Orogel's attention to the environment and sustainability are added values.
  • Aia - fresh cuts of white meat and breaded products, but above all the light and unique chicken sausages, the Woodys, which make our hot dogs even more special.
  • La Regina di San Marzano - only the best peeled tomatoes 🍅 are used for our sauces, bringing to the table all the aromas and flavours of a rich land like Campania.
  • 3 Marie - the smell of warm croissants at breakfast makes for a truly wonderful start to the day, that's why we prepare them for you every morning and only from the finest Italian confectionery company. 🥐
  • Conor - quality guaranteed by an integrated supply chain from producer to consumer, for a menu full of fresh vegetables selected by this leading fruit and vegetable company. 🥗
  • Pieri Group - nowadays cleanliness and hygiene cannot be something marginal, neither at home nor in one of the hotels of the most awarded Family chain in italy; that's why we chose a local company that guarantees us maximum availability at all times.
  • Coca Cola - nothing better to quench your thirst after a day of sun and sea, but also to accompany our hot dogs in an after-hours snack.
  • Pepsi - with a choice of flavours and calories, this cola will really win you over, and with us it did.
  • Lipton - do you prefer it cold with ice and lemon, or warm with two drops of milk? ☕ It doesn't matter here, you can have it just the way you like it.
  • Forst - what could be better than sipping on an ice-cold beer on a warm summer’s afternoon, maybe while lazing around the pool in the sunshine?! Nothing! That’s what we think and it’s why we have chosen one of the best breweries in Italy! 🍺
  • Schweppes - the only tonic water, which cannot be missing in classic drinks, as well as in the more original ones that our bartenders prepare, but also to be drunk naturally.
  • Nesquik - Can you think of anything better to make a glass of milk, cold or hot, really tasty, indeed chocolatey? Neither can we! 🥤
  • Nestlè -to enrich breakfast with taste, colour and variety and turn it into a moment of well-being, we had to rely on this world-renowned group.
  • Sammontana - a company that has brought Italian ice cream to the world and whose colourful icicles make all children happy and the snacks at the Club Family Hotel Michelangelo even more delicious.
  • Galak - synonymous with over 50 years of white chocolate - has joined the great family of Club Family Hotels to transform your breakfast into a taste sensation event 😋!
  • Perugina - simply the most famous Italian chocolate maker in the world, which, with its tasty chocolate creme has turned our pastries into a pure delight every morning!
  • PS5 - if you have teenage children, you know that getting them away from their beloved console 🕹️ can be tiring, but with us it's just one more opportunity to have fun with the whole family!
  • Asmodee - publisher that has literally transformed the world of entertainment with truly innovative board games and role-playing games, such as Dooble, Dixit, Ticket to Ride. Discover how a game can really free your imagination and turn the greyest of days into multicoloured fun, otherwise what kind of holiday would it be?!
  • Adventerra - a company set up with the specific aim of making children aware of the need to protect the planet and respect the environment through fun, with 100% eco-friendly games that are creative, educational and lots of fun: because on holiday you can learn by playing, right?!
  • De Cecco - We Italians like our pasta 🍝 al dente and we serve it only al dente, which is why we chose the company that guarantees perfect cooking, as well as the selected grains.
  • Amadori - how could you not choose Italy's largest poultry company🍗 to put controlled and guaranteed top-quality white meat and eggs on your plate?
  • Nanny School - in a Club Family Hotel, fun is always guaranteed and uninterrupted, but why not give it to mum and dad while their little ones enjoy the loving care and attention of qualified and professional nannies? With us you can!

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