Do you want a holiday face to face with your child? Our rooms dedicated to the "single parent" offer are just right for you!

A very comfortable 12-square-metre double room with a balcony with an unbeatable view! Whoever says that travelling alone with your child is impossible, doesn't know the sea of CFH services dedicated to the family!

  • Nanny area, beautiful garden, playground and swimming pool with mini waterslide all just a stone's throw away: enjoy the sun while your child has fun with the Nanny School nannies less than a blink away from you!
  • Dirty laundry? Washer and dryer always available for free.
  • Fancy a snack? Dina Merendina, wolverine corner and snack time! always different, always unlimited, always all inclusive!
  • "Mummy, I'm bored!" ? Animation 7 days a week, play areas and evening shows!

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