Take a look at
what awaits you:

  • Activities for all ages: Miniclub (4-7 years), Kidclub (8-11 years) and Juniorclub (12-16 years). The whole day, every day, in the hotel and on the beach, the animation staff for all babies
  • Creative workshops, games and entertainment. Evening baby dance and shows for the whole family. Every evening the Club Family Hotel Michelangelo is colored charm with a chocolate fountain, donuts, cotton candy and popcorn for everyone
  • Baby dinner: from Sunday to Friday children can dine with the animators
  • Nanny School: nannies’ reliability, professionalism and the delicacy take care of the babies (8 months - 3 years) from 4.00pm to 7.00pm, from Monday to Friday
  • Baby parking: after eating it is funny for babies from 4 years old who can play with entertainers; it is relaxing for mum and dad, who finish eating in the restaurant with peacefulness.
  • “Dina La merendina”: a snack that you can bring with you every morning on the beach
  • A 200 sqm playground right in front of the pool with Playground, Playsport arena and Kiki Fun (interactive games for children of all ages)
  • Small table football: ...and then also the babies are to the height of it!
  • “Kiki Fun”: interactive games for the babies, just as in the room games
  • Free pediatric visit in hotel: from Monday to Friday on booking and in preset schedules
  • The snack: sweet and salty for our baby guests from 3.30pm to the 5.30pm
  • “Papperia” and “biberoneria”: two always open areas that are equipped with all that is necessary to prepare food for your children; vegetable and beef broth and vegetable soups are available during lunch and dinner.
  • Self-service laundry: mothers, washing machine and dryer are free!
  • Drinky: the water bottle to bring the open bar to the beach
  • Pic-Nic under the umbrella: lunch by the sea
  • Ice Lolly Sammontana: The fresh ice lolly at the bar
  • Hot-Dog: served at the bar always warm
  • Goodnight buffet: biscuits, tea and herbal teas
  • Nothing is missing, nothing at all: safety rails for beds, camping cots, night lights, baby baths, toilet reducers, protection of electrical sockets, changing table, crockery and cutlery for children and table-high chairs, baby bottles, strollers, bicycles with seat and safety helmet
  • Strollers: are free and available in hotel

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