Free pediatric service

0% worry, 100% serenity

Booking to the reception desk at least one day before is everything that that you must do if it is necessary a pediatric consultation for your babies.

This simple and clearing service is designed because for us Vacation is Serenity. No space for worries, especially if they are connected to the health of the children. Often, even because of a bath in the sea or of a gust, it could rise badly the sore throat or some cough as an irritation for the exposure to the sun or a light to the ear… So, for any problem, Club Family Hotel makes available a pediatrician from Monday to Friday in the hotel, who will appraise the entity of the problem and he will handle to find the best solution or he will give the good suggestion for a ready recovery.

Forget the kilometre lines to the first aid or the paid urgent care, the visit is free and it comfortably effects in the hotel.